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Crimini e Misfatti Rubrica

Welcometo my law offices.


Welcome to my Law Office!

As criminal attorney I am passionate about civil rights and I transfer this passion to representing my Clients in criminal matters.

The role of attorneys must constantly accommodate the ever-changing world.

This was never more true than today, with the financial and political issues assailing every country.

My philosophy is to combine my duty to provide the best defense available, ever mindful of the increased demands of safety and security by a society that feels more threatened every day, particularly in areas of immigration and organized crime.

My commitment to Clients means that I continuosly interact with the judiciary and the prosecutorial powers in the community, in and out of court, in order to maintain mutual respect and understanding of our respective roles in the practice of criminal law.

My aim is to maintain my reputation for transparency and fairness with Clients, the judiciary and the prosecution powers.

I rigorously defend and protect my Clients' rights, and my clients understand and respect my duty to the law and to my profession.

Criminal law, as with most other areas of law, is not best pratcticed in a vacuum.

In order to provide my Clients with full service representation, my Law Office consists also of highly dedicated lawyers in the fields of administrative and civil law.

Our teamwork philosophy works to our Clients' best interests.

For further information or to discuss a particular legal matter, please contact me.

Rodolfo Capozzi